Treshombres boys on JOURNEY BACK TO EUROPE | We are about to explore a big part of Asia and Europe on our bikes and share the adventure with the world 


We, as Treshombres, are about to start another big Bikepacking tour very soon! Apart of our passion for cycling, traveling and seeking for adventures, it also has one great symbolic meaning for us, as we are coming back home. We are riding back to Europe, after living among other cultures for the last few years.


Our passion for traveling, cycling, exploring and adventures pushed us to link them all together and ride back home! We are going to cycle through different countries in the South East Asia, Northern Asia and through a part of Europe in order to get back to Munich in Germany. 

Thus, this adventure is not just about wandering these parts of the world, discovering cultures, others and ourselves, it's also about promoting among people, what traveling on a bicycle really is. This is Bikepacking. Awakening the minds of people thirsty of traveling  about this amazing experience of independency and being in symbiosis with surroundings and the nature. This Pilgrimage is a life changing experience and we would like to show how beautiful and unforgettable it can be!


Treshombres - Three men, to coordinate the whole tour. Rafal and Thomas are the Mad Bikers, that are gonna pedal all their way through to Europe, Carlos is the Fairy Godmother, in charge of communication and logistics.


Rafal (PL): TRESHOMBRES co-founder | has been living in China for last 1,5 years

Carlos (ES): TRESHOMBRES co-founder | has been living in Munich for many years now

Thomas (FR/ENG): TRESHOMBRES partner | has been living in Australia for last 2 years



Our Journey is going to be divided into parts. Parts 1- 3 are purely and entirely organized by us, part 4 is a participation of TRESHOMBRES in the Tour de Friends organised by Rad Race in September. 

The Journey is starting in Vietnam in Ho-Chi-Minh City and ending in Munich


Estimated Timeframe:   15th April - 15th May

Route Highlights:   from: Vietnam - Ho-Chi-Minh City to: Vietnam-Hanoi through: Cambodia, Laos

Quick Description: Starting from Ho-Chi-Minh we are heading west towards Cambodia. Once crossing the border we are going through Phnom Penh north-west to Siem Reap, where we change the direction towards Mekong and towards Laos border. We continue along Mekong up North. We are heading towards the vietnamese border. Once in Vietnam we go to Hanoi, where we take care of the Visas to China and Mongolia.




Estimated Timeframe:   JUNE - 15th JULY

Route Highlights:   from: China - Beijing to: Russia - Irkutsk through: Mongolia

Quick Description: We start this stage from Beijing cycling through Hebei province and Inner Mongolia province, heading north-west towards Mongolian border. Once in Mongolia on the east side of the Gobi desert we pedal north-east to Ulan Bator. In Ulan Bator we are taking care of the Russian visa and head north west towards Baykal lake. Once crossing the Russian border we pedal to Irkutsk, where we pack the bikes and ship them to St. Petersburg. We then take the Trans-syberian Train to Moscow.




Estimated Timeframe:  AUGUST - Beginning of SEPTEMBER

Route Highlights:   from: Russia - St. Petersburg to: Munich - Germany through: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Rupublic

Quick Description: Starting from St.Petersburg we go west towards the Estonian border. Once in EU we pedal through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania going towards Polish capital - Warsaw. Then we pedal on through Czech Rep., then Germany to Munich. Therefore, if we're running out of time, we might decide to get a train or a plane from Warsaw to Munich. The last stage then starts.


Estimated Timeframe: 11th SEPTEMBER - 16th SEPTEMBER

Route Highlights:   from: Germany - Munich to: Jesolo - Italy through: Austria

Quick Description: Tour de Friends 2018 organized by RAD RACE. Please see the plan of the Race HERE


As we are representing our own brand, we are about to travel on a new CycleCross bicycle model - TRESHOMBRES the WOLFBORN, which, thanks to its "off road" features, will help us get through the multiple diffcult stages of the Route we are going to follow. The WOLFBORN frame is a full carbon, super light frameset with flat mount disc brakes and a special carbon fork which allows us install a front rack. BLACKBURN DESIGN provided us with their high quality bags which combine great convience and a good look! 

We will run our TRESHOMBRES 3.8 rims with WTB 37c x 700 tires to be ready to tackle rough roads and also be fast on sealed ones.


Hey all beautiful people! The best support to our adventure you could offer us is to follow us during the whole journey! We want to share this big exploration of the world with you! It would be awesome to have your positive feedback, so that we can exchange our experiences now and later!


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Thanks in advance!

Rafal & Thomas

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