How to save your butt with SQ Lab?

What SQ Lab is, and what are they specified in in the cycling world is not a mystery! “The path to a perfect saddle“ is a statement you can find in their website.

Ok, but how does that perfect saddle work during a multi-day bikepacking trip? Our boys decided to find it out during their adventure in Cyprus

As mentioned in our story, the approach of both guys to these couple of days of bikepacking in Cyprus was very different. Rafal had just finished cycling from Vietnam to Europe a month before, having over 15k this year, while for Rich it was the first bikepacking experience so far!

Thanks to SQ Lab support, we received the SQLab 612 Ergowave Active Saddles and SQ ONE 12 bibs in order to come up with an objective review based on such different points of view.


Just before leaving Munich boys' sit-bones got measured and based on the results, they received their saddles. What's the secret of 612 Saddles? The 'step' where the rear is visibly higher than the nose. This naturally places your sit bones a little higher, so when you rotate forwards onto the handlebar there's less pressure on the perineal area.

You can get more science behind the tech of the saddles HERE, while we will just say what we think.

Rafal rode the entire Wolfborn Tour on a simple 3$ saddle, he bought in Sri Lanka. Obviously, he got used to it after all, however, changing to the saddle with a completely different sitting principle turned out to be a very interesting change. 



For me there is no doubt about the healthy advantage of the sitting position of the 612 saddle. Right away, after the first kilometres I could feel that I'm sitting on my sit-bones, rather than on my crouch. The body weight is transmitted onto the bones, which are more appropriate for sitting for a long time. 

This feeling gave me a subconscious comfort for the whole trip in Cyprus. Nevertheless, new sitting position, means new body parts exposed for pain! Instead of the perineal area, my seat bones started hurt a bit after the first 120 km day. The pain disappeared at the end of the tour, as my body got used to the position, but I believe I'd be a little bit more comfortable on my old saddle for the first couple of days, just because I was used to it. I also tried changing my bibs every day between SQLab Bibs with super thin pad and my normal bibs from Biehler Cycling. I can't say which bibs gave me more comfort and the 612 saddle in the end, which, I think, is a good sign, making it exactly as good for both types of bibs. 

In my opinion the healthy position and very comfortable profile of the 612 saddle makes it definitely worth considering as an upgrade for your next multi-day cycling expedition! 

Richard, having clear and open mind for the new experience of multi-day bikepacking, could honestly say how it felt to sit on the 612 saddle for hours.


I have a strong Enduro/DH and skatepark background, so I spend a lot of my free time on two wheels, but this was my first time bikepacking on a cyclecross bike. I actually do not own a roadbike or cyclecross bike, I borrowed everything from my brother.

I would say my fitness is pretty good, but I do spend a little bit too much time tapping away on my laptop keyboard for work, just like most people.

I was a bit concerned about cycling 600+km with no prior training alongside Rafal who has beyond 15k km pedalling experience. I can honestly say hand on heart that the SQ Lab seat & Bib saved my ass haha. I am unable to compare it as much as Rafal due to my lack of experience, but I cycled 600km+ with no irritation or pain. For my side I am very satisfied as it was a bit of a concern for me at the beginning, so to have one less concern for the next trip is awesome. For me, comfort is worth an investment as it can spoil the trip if cycling becomes really uncomfortable – Thanks SQ Lab.

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