NEW ZEALAND  part II  North Island

Bikepacking from Wellington to Auckland

Part II

April 2017

In case you missed the 1st part of our New Zealand tour, check it out here! The beautiful North Island Diary starts below! 


Day 16 and 17 were spent in Wellington. In our humble opinion it’s one of the coolest cities out there! We had a lot of good times and met a bunch of awesome people! Despite the rainy weather (cyclone coming from Australia) we got to do  some sightseeing and have fun with a bunch of French dudes and Dutch girls.

Day 18: rainy, windy, but a reward was waiting for us.

We left Wellington on the day 18 heading up north, although the cyclone was still active in the area . After 115km in a heavy rain we reached the Waitarere Beach just in time see another stunning sunset! We set the tents among the sand dunes and

Day 19: Keepin' it real along the Westcoast


Day 19 was the one we decided to cycle along the west coast to the Taranaki Mount. The vision of a single massive volcanic peak with no other mountains around was too appealing! We had a magical sunny weather, made around 130km motivated by the shape of the distant Taranaki, ending up somewhere at the water again, sleeping on the edge of the cliffs.

Day 20: Getting closer to the holy mountain


Day 20 was a 100km stage, which took us closer to the Taranaki monster. Its a holy mountain for the Maori people and no wonder why! It's just so majestic! The weather was a dream again and we planned to climb the volcano, what was freaking exciting! We spent another night on the cliff edge.


The day 21 was no long ride but extremely exhausting ‘cause we had to climb the ascending slope of Taranaki. We completed 55km and stayed next to the Stratford Mountain House, thanks to Tracey, who was managing the place!

DAY 22: 12h of hike

Day 22 was a pure hiking experience! We climbed the peak of Taranaki, descended to the wrong mountain house, and had to walk extra 4h through the bush. We reached the bikes we parked at the right house in the evening. Rolled down to Stratford completely exhausted, but then we got in touch with Tracey again and she invited us to stay at her place, prepared food for us, offered A shower and a room! We will never forget you Tracey!

This amazing sunrise was our morning fella during the hike<3 You can see the Tangariro far away in the background.

DAY 23: Another day, another cyclone

Day 23 was the beginning of the end we already started to feel! We were heading up north to Hamilton, where my family lives and where we planned to stay for a couple of days. We thought we are gonna make the route Stratford - Hamilton in 3 days, on the way up however we saw in the local newspaper, that a big cyclone is about to hit New Zealand again. We had to hurry up, so we made a 100km to Mokau.

"We saw in the local newspaper, that a big cyclone is about to hit New Zealand again"

DAY 24: Another day, cyclone continues

Day 24 was a challenge, no doubt. It was starting to get windy and rainy, the ocean looked rough and angry. We knew we had to get to Hamilton by the end of the day, spending a night somewhere in the tent in the rain and furious cyclone was a no go!

After 180km, soaking wet and tired we finally

Reached Hamilton, got safe to my family's house, and were commanded to get a beer a jump into the hot tub! We couldn’t say no! :D

Story ending stage

After relaxing days around Hamilton we were ready to hit the last stage! Hamilton to Auckland! 150km, no bags, since we had them delivered by Mark, sun and fresh muscles! We rushed up north, enjoying the hilly landscapes and celebrated this fast stage with a classic cheeseburger on the airport!