China Diary II  Beijing Stelvio

Bikepacking in the Beijing province

October 2017

This one October Saturday, together with Serk Cycling we went to ride this spectacular road in the south-west part of Beijing, which, for an obvious reason, has been called Beijing Stelvio! This insane steep climb section is extremaly impressive ideed.Despite the low temperature we kicked off early in the morning for this unforgettable ride.

Beautiful mountains and the perfect blue sky kept us rolling fully motivated! after a couple of dozens of kilometers we reached the "Stelvio" climb down from the valley.

The Serpentine Fortress

The crazy road is built on a very steep slope of the mountain and resembles a building rather then a road! The following steps grow higher  like walls of a fortress.

Once we climbed the amazing section, the view of the mountains was truly breathtaking! 

We started going slowly down after climbing the top altitude. Beautiful nature all around, a bunch of happy riders, what else do you need. Well, honestly it was a little bit too cold while descending, but definitely worth it!

Check out the video showing in the best way the beauty of the Beijing "Stelvio" Climb. Viedo shot by Shannon @ Serk Cycling