Explore, experience, fall into the nature and become it. Isn't this the quest of all of us? Our idea is to use cycling as a method to achieve it! So let's do this together and explore the world!
For the season 2019 we have prepared a range of adventurous cycling expeditions, which we divided into 3 subcategories:


A series of organized, multi-day cycling trips in which we discover new regions, cultures and environments. We cycle together, we challenge, motivate and support each other.

On the Flashpacking trip, we take care of most of the difficulties regarding the tour organisation, while you can actively enjoy the pure cycling pleasure and get to know new cycling enthusiast.
Pre-planed pauses, food stops, accommodating, transportation and often a support vehicle are included in a flashpacking adventure most of the times. Experienced Treshombres guides will always be around too!  Flashpacking is an active, challenging and ultimately satisfying vacation you can ever imagine!
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