Beautiful weather, stunning alpine landscapes and a group of happy positive fellows! That's shortly how Treshombres first cycling adventure still echoes in our hearts. A way to start the cycling season! But let's give you some introduction data first.
For this flashpacking adventure we teamed up with TRIGLAV and BIEHLER to get everyone ready for the tour on the top level! Big thanks for the support, especially TRIGLAV Bikepacking for making possible for everyone to pack their stuff for these 2 days!
On the 30th of March in the morning we met on the Munich railway station. We were all excited, hungry for some challenge and action to properly start the season. As the weather was really with us, smiles were on our faces all the time.
After approximately 1,5 h train transfer we got to a little town in Allgäu - Seeg, where we met Jose, tightened the bags and kicked off!
We reached Neuschwanstein Castle quicly and after having a short look at the attractions and after being an attraction, we moved on towards Plansee, a beautiful lake in the middle of massive alpine peaks.
The road from Plansee to Ettal, where we planned to spend the night was just epic! The wind and a quite empty road led us through a narrow valley with high mountains on each side.
Happy and satisfied we reached Ettal around 4 pm and enjoyed the last rays of sun sipping a bavarian beer. Before having dinner, we recovered in the amazing Wellness Area of hotel Blaue Gams. Phiuu, perfect ending for a perfect day!
The day greeted us with a beautiful sunshine and an amazing breakfast. After that, everyone got to prepare their bikes while enjoying the view from the hotel terrace. No better way to get ready and hit the road back to Munich.
Big ups to 8-year-old Edith, who joined us with her dad on 50km route to Seeshaupt at Starnberger See!  Way to go - future cycling legend :D !
This little video footage from these 2 days will give y'all a better image of the good time we had all together! Congrats to all of you guys, who beat their distance records and huge THANKS to all of you for participating! See you on the road again.

Day 1

Seeg -> Ettal

70 km

800m altitude

22km/h avarage

6 participants, 3 Treshombres guides

Day 2

Ettal -> München

100 km

700m altitude

21km/h avarage

8 participants, 3 Treshombres guides

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