Top riders and figures from the cycling world supported by Treshombres

Treshombres has been collaborating with a bunch of top riders and figures from the cycling world over the last years. Check out our ambassadors around the globe, follow their feed and get motivated and inspired by their performance and crazy adventures!


Fixed Gear Racing Team - Groningen NL

Sir-Pete X Treshombres is a fixed gear racing team from Groningen, the Netherlands.

Founded in the fall of 2015 and now into the second season of racing multiple fixed gear events like the Vast Verzet Bokaal, Red Hook Crit and the Rad Race Series.

Serious about racing but always having fun doing it. Playing this game by their own rules.

Members: Martijn Meijer, Hendrik de Vries, Pauwel Datema, Rick Nobel, Peter Rugge

Gear: Treshombres theCLASSY - custom painting

Supported by: Sir-Pete, Treshombres Bikes, Redna, Diroza, 100%


Fixed Gear Friends Team - All over Germany DE

Defined themselves as:"A bunch of people you wouldn't associate found LeCog as The Wu Tang Clan of the german Fixed Gear community"

They will try to finish the @radrace Tour de Friends without any gears with just one goal: "arriving happy together"

Members: Paul Baluch (@powl - Dortmund), Peer Koch (@auxpeer - Wiesbaden), Jan Philip Sacher (@ballernballern - Leipzig), Timo Strempel (@benubags - Hamburg), Paul Müller (@hallo_ich_bin_paul - Dresden)

Gear:Treshombres theFAST - custom painting, XXXL custom geometry

Supported by:Treshombres Bikes, Schwalbe, Biehler Cycling, Abus Cycling